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Cash Management through FICA®

FICA® through Disciplined Advisors Group

FICA® through Disciplined Advisors Group

FICA® is designed specifically to help maximize the earning potential of your cash while providing a high level of FDIC insurance to protect your assets. FICA® can be an ideal account for investors that maintain high balances of uninsured deposits at banks or other financial institutions.

Absolute Safety

FICA® deposits are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. FICA® has no credit or counterparty risk.

Convenient Liquidity

FICA® provides access to your cash when you need it with next day liquidity and no redemption gates.

Competitive Yield

FICA® strives to provide competitive yield spreads over treasury and government funds, and treasury securities.

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For more information or to open an account, please contact Zachary Allen at 214-545-3305 or  Minimum account size of $250,000.