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Disciplined Advisors Group’s goal is to help our clients achieve financial peace of mind.

How we manage money:

We use a Purpose-Based Asset Management (PBAM) strategy. This strategy try’s to capitalize on the natural tendency of an investor to have multiple risk tolerances. Most investors have multiple purposes for their assets and can withstand different levels of risk for each purpose.

As the most recent Dalbar study shows:

A major contributor to the behavioral losses incurred by investors over the past 20 years has been the fact that they’ve been treated as having only one level of risk tolerance - - when, in fact, one investor may have a variety of risk tolerances depending on his/her individual objectives and what’s going on in the market at large. This phenomenon has not been incorporated into traditional asset allocation models, and as a result, investors panic and withdraw their assets at the worst possible times."

Furthermore DAG uses a competitive fee schedule and does not charge an annual fee for fixed income investments. The group is on focused on its client’ security, enabling them to choose the solution that fits their client’ needs, not the ones that will make DAG the most money.