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What Makes Us Different


With over 60 years of combined investment management and financial planning experience, our team has the experience to help you navigate through the financial complexities of life.  Founding partner Greg Allen* has drawn from his background not only as an advisor, but as Regional Director for Morgan Stanley and National Sales Director with Bank of America Investment Services to develop the client-first practice Disciplined Advisors Group is today.  Through our experience managing portfolios during rising markets and economic recessions, we have learned what works and, more importantly, what doesn't.     


Unlike many other planning firms, we do not offer any proprietary investment products.  In our opinion, financial products do not equate to financial advice.  Under our independent framework we are able to remove conflicts of interest and use strategies that are the better fit for the client, not the firm.

We have access to the universe of products and investment strategies available in the financial services industry.  Our independence allows us to vet and select the option that makes the most sense for the client from a cost and problem-solving standpoint.  Since there are no layers of management with our firm, fees are easily identified and can be minimized.

Transparency of Cost

Our compensation is the fees and commissions that you will see on your statements.  We are comfortable with full fee transparency because we know this is one of our competitive advantages.  Unlike in other areas of life, we often find that cheaper is in fact better when it pertains to investing. 


When managing portfolios under an Investment Advisory Agreement, we have a legal obligation to be fiduciaries.  This means that our clients can trust that the advice they receive is solely for their benefit.

*Greg Allen is not affiliated or registered with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. Any information provided by Greg is in no way related to Cetera Advisor Networks LLC or its registered representatives.